Adding A Sunroom: What You Need To Know

While redesigning your shed into a recreational spot is a popular trend, sunrooms are a great option to consider as well. The right sunroom can create a cozy escape and even add value to your property. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before adding a sunroom to your house.

What Is The Purpose of A Sunroom?

Historically speaking, the purpose of a sunroom was quite practical. In older homes, they were used as sleeping porches for those sweltering hot summer nights before air conditioning was invented. Other uses for sunrooms included supplementary heat during cold seasons, greenhouses for growing, and conservatories for exotic plants.

Many decades later, people still enjoy sunrooms for some of the same reasons. In the summer heat, they provide relief from harsh, direct sunlight. However, they can also be used to amplify the natural light during colder seasons when there’s less daylight. 

Is A Sunroom A Good Investment?

Like any big changes you make to your home, it’s important to figure out if adding a sunroom to your house is a good investment. Financially speaking, a sunroom usually averages about 45-50% of a return if you go to sell your house. However, a good investment for your family may be defined by more than just a monetary return.

If you’ve been wanting a space to make your own or to use for entertaining, then a sunroom is a great choice. Depending on what type of sunroom you pick, it’s a more cost-effective option than adding an addition to your home, which can incur unexpected costs and increase your taxes.

Types of Sunrooms Available

When it comes to types of sunrooms, you can choose to add a three-season room or a four-season room. A three-season room is built uninsulated and is meant to be used during mild weather in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Whereas a four-season room is built with insulation and HVAC temperature control, so it can be used comfortably any time of the year.

A three-season sunroom is a better investment out of the two, as building a four-season sunroom is more expensive and labor-intensive. Plus, since you may only get half a return on your new sunroom if you sell your property, the three-season sunroom gives you the extra space you want at a reasonable price.

Vinyl Vs. Glass Windows

It may sound counterintuitive, but not all sunrooms use glass windows. Glass certainly will allow ample light in, however, glass windows are more brittle and at risk of breaking. 

Vinyl windows are a durable option to consider when you’re adding a sunroom to your house. Since they are a little more flexible than glass, they hold up better in extreme temperature changes and weather conditions. They’re also harder to break, making them a safer choice if you have young children or unruly pets.

Where To Put A Sunroom

Another benefit of choosing a three-season sunroom is that it offers a more flexible placement. You can place it by your pool or tuck it away in a secluded part of your yard.

When picking where to put your new sunroom:

  • Choose a spot that’s southern-facing for lots of natural light.
  • Make sure the ground is level in that area. 
  • Consider if you want the area to be more private or stand out.
  • Assess the landscaping to make sure it complements your new structure.

Installing a sunroom is one of many ways you can upgrade your backyard space. It creates a fun, new spot for relaxing and entertaining during the most beautiful seasons of the year!

Cabanas and Sunrooms

Tips For Enjoying Your New Sunroom

Once your sunroom is installed, it’s time to have fun decorating the inside. Start with picking out comfortable patio furniture you can enjoy. It’s best to consider outdoor seating options since their construction is more durable and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations better than regular furniture. 

Aside from furniture, your new sunroom is a great place to add some indoor plants! It’s a known fact that plants can improve the air quality of your space, plus they add a fun pop of color. Just make sure to research the kind of care each species needs to make sure it can handle the conditions of your three-season room.

Last but not least, incorporate your new sunroom into your hosting! Set up a table, open the windows, and throw an elegant dinner party. Or, invite your close friends over for an afternoon book club. The possibilities for enjoying your new space are endless once it’s set up in your yard. 

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