From questions about delivery to site prep and cost, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to make the structure buying process as easy for you as possible.

Does Penn Dutch Structures do site prep for me?

Penn Dutch Structures does not offer site preparation. However, we recommend working with BedRock Siteworks before having your new outdoor structure installed. We suggest you begin with the installation of a quality base. We recommend a minimum of 4 to 8” crushed-based stone, at least 1′ larger than your structure in both directions. 

BedRock Siteworks offers excavating and site preparation, stone base, and concrete foundations, and a five-year guarantee that your shed will not shift.

Will I need a permit for my structure?

Certain structures such as pergolas, sheds, or garages will usually need permits. Permit regulations will also depend on where you live and how big your structure will be. You’ll need to check with your local departments to determine which structures require permits in your community.

What structures need a foundation?

Most larger structures will require a solid foundation before installation. Some of these include sheds, garages, pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, barns, and cabins. For more specific information about which structures require a foundation contact us today!

Can Penn Dutch Structures remove my pre-existing structure?

Penn Dutch Structures offers a removal service for portable structures only, which include runners underneath and are structurally sound. Removal fees will vary so contact us today to get an accurate price for your structure.

How long will it take to install my structure?

Installation time depends on the structure. For example, a pre-built shed can be delivered and installed in less than a half hour. To learn more about specific structure installations, contact us today!

Can you move my pre-existing structure?

Penn Dutch Structures offers outdoor structure relocation services. You will need to provide photos of your structure and follow a few other requirements for relocation. To schedule a relocation date, contact us today.

Where does Penn Dutch Structures deliver to?

Penn Dutch Structures offers expert delivery right to your property. We have distributors in PA, MD, VA, and WV. Contact us directly to find out if your property is within range of our delivery services.

What is the warranty on my new structure?

At Penn Dutch Structures, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why all of our outdoor structures come with a 5-year backed warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Do you offer financing?

Penn Dutch Structures partners with The GreenSky® Program to help you get access to the loan you need to purchase your outdoor structure. Learn more about The GreenSky® Program and how to get approved by visiting our financing page.

What is the lead time for a structure?

At Penn Dutch Structures, lead times vary from structure to structure, including the time of year during the build. Estimations of lead times will be given when the order is placed.

Can I buy a structure on-site?

At Penn Dutch Structures we offer on-site and purchasing as well as build-to-order outdoor structures. You can visit our website to browse our outdoor structure selection or visit us in person at one of our locations. If you find a structure you like but have a specific build request, we offer custom-build options that allow you to get everything you need!

What Are Your Store Hours?

For more information on our Shrewsbury, PA and Finksburg, MD store hours, visit our Contact Page for location information, store hours, and where to find us on social media!

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