From questions about delivery to site prep and cost, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to make the structure buying process as easy for you as possible.

What Happens If I’m Not Satisfied with My Outdoor Structure?

A Penn Dutch structure is an investment you can count on. All of our outdoor structures come with a 5-year backed warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

How Can I Prepare My Yard for My New Structure?

Start with the installation of a quality base. We recommend a minimum of 4 to 8” crushed based stone, at least 1′ larger than your structure in both directions. At Penn Dutch Structures, we don’t offer site preparation, that’s why we recommend working with BedRock Siteworks before having your new outdoor structure installed.

BedRock Siteworks offers excavating and site preparation, stone base and concrete foundations, and a five-year guarantee that your shed will not shift.

Are Sheds Delivered Assembled?

Yes. Sheds up to 14′ by 44′ are delivered assembled. Sheds that are too high to transport require partial assembly upon delivery.

Do You Deliver to My Location?

We typically deliver within 50 miles of our Shrewsbury, PA location. However, we can (and have) delivered outside of that general radius. Because the cost of delivery is dependent upon the structure and the distance, it’s best to contact us to speak about delivery costs.

What is the Price of Each Structure?

The price of each structure is dependent on size, customizations, and delivery costs. For pricing, contact our professional staff. We’re ready to help you select the best solution to fit your building needs.

Will Rubber Mulch Fall Apart, Disintegrate, or Decay? Does it Become Dusty & Slippery?

Rubber mulch undergoes a vulcanizing process that renders them basically indestructible. Since rubber mulch is made of 100% tire rubber, it cannot decompose or crumble. It also holds on to enough moisture to prevent dust and slipperiness from building up, while draining excess moisture almost instantaneously.

How is Rubber Mulch Maintained?

All that is required is occasional raking.


Is Rubber Mulch Available in Different Colors? Does the Color of Rubber Mulch Correspond to Quality?

Rubber Mulch is available in a lot of colors. Colored rubber mulch is equally durable and resilient to black rubber mulch. The color is a result of specially formulated, non-toxic paint for rubber that retains its rich color for as long as high-quality house paint.

In What Quantities is Rubber Mulch Delivered?

In order to ease the installation process, rubber mulch is delivered by the ton.

Is Rubber Mulch Poisonous? Does it Generate an Odor?

Rubber mulch is non-toxic, and colored chips are manufactured using only non-toxic paints. Any odor detected at the time of installation will shortly disappear, much the way odor attached to a new shower curtain would.

Does the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Approve of Rubber Mulch?

Absolutely! DEP policy “strongly promotes the use of recycled products, since it is essential to the long-term success of local and national recycling programs.”

Is Rubber Mulch Expensive?

After your initial investment, rubber mulch will never need to be replaced, saving you a lot of money in the long run. In addition, only a 6-inch depth of rubber mulch is required for maximum safety, as compared to 12 inches of wood mulch.

Does Rubber Mulch Have Any Benefit Over Shredded Sneakers?

Definitely! Shredded sneakers include bits of leather, which become slippery when wet. Over the course of time, those pieces will also rot and decay. Tire rubber, on the other hand, will never decompose.

Does Rubber Mulch Contain Steel?

Since smaller tire rubber chips are less likely to retain steel wire, rubber mulch chips are half an inch smaller than standard. In addition, all rubber mulch chips pass through four state-of-the-art magnets, a process that completely removes any residual traces of steel. These extra precautions enable rubber mulch to be guaranteed 99.9% steel-free.

What Are Your Store Hours?

For more information on our Shrewsbury, PA and Finksburg, MD store hours, visit our Contact Page for location information, store hours, and where to find us on social media!

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