Amish Built Deer Blinds

Helping You Come Home with the Prize.

Any good hunter knows the importance of remaining safe and hidden when looking for that perfect trophy. Our 12-point Amish-built raised hunting blinds come in a variety of shapes – octagon, square, and rectangle – so you can find the right setup for your spot. 

Our Amish built deer blinds give you a 360-view of the spot and are fully enclosed for enhanced concealment from wildlife. Raised hunting blinds are a great choice for bow hunting, as they help you stay clear of brush and other obstructions that can interfere with your shot. The tinted windows also help conceal you mid-hunt, and the sturdy shelter protects from inclement weather much better than a tree climber can.

No matter what’s in season, you’ll have just what you need to make coming home empty-handed a little less common.

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