Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Modular Log Cabin 

There’s nothing like log cabin living. The rustic atmosphere, being one with nature, and of course, enjoying the coziness of a log home. We’re here to make your dream a reality with our guide to buying a modular log cabin. 

Why Choose a Log Cabin?

Interested in the cabin life? There are many modular log cabin benefits that make them a worthwhile purchase. 

1. It’s A Long-Lasting Investment

With proper maintenance, log homes can last for hundreds of years! While wood will always be impacted by weather, certain types are more resistant to wear and decay. We love pine siding for this very reason—it looks great and is less likely to warp. The durability of wood makes it a great choice to withstand harsh weather and high winds. 

This high-quality wood combined with our Amish craftsmanship means your modular log cabin will last for years to come. Enjoy peace of mind with our five-year warranty on all log cabin homes. 

2. It’s Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Because they use natural materials in their construction, log cabins are known for being sustainable! Depending on how the wood is sourced and stained, log cabins are perfect for those wanting to lower their environmental impact. In addition, wood provides natural insulation so you spend less on heating and cooling. 

3. It’s Good for Peace and Quiet

Another modular log cabin benefit is the noise. Tired of the constant bustle of the city or the sounds of your neighborhood? Wooden logs absorb sound resulting in a peaceful getaway where you can relax and enjoy time with nature.  

4. It’s Faster and Cheaper to Build 

Compared to a traditional stick-built home, modular log cabins are faster to build. They are constructed in an off-site facility and delivered to your home in sections. Once there, assembly can happen as quickly as two weeks! This saves you time and money. Watch the video below to see the entire construction process from start to finish. 

5. It’s a High Return on Investment

Log cabins have so much potential! Whether you’re looking for a forever home, a vacation spot, a hunting lodge, or a rental property, buying a modular log cabin is the way to go. They retain their value if properly maintained and can sell for up to 30% more than a regular home

6. It’s a Beautiful Place to Live

The look of a log cabin is something you can’t get anywhere else. Unlike other homes, log cabins blend into their surroundings rather than sticking out in the landscape. The rustic look and natural wood make it an aesthetically pleasing choice. 

a modular log cabin at sunset

Types of Log Cabins

If you’re just starting out on your journey to buying a modular log cabin, you may have heard terms like “modular,” “prefab,” and “cabin kits” thrown around. We’re here to outline each one so you can understand the differences before you buy. 


A modular log cabin is a structure that is constructed off-site and delivered to your property in sections (or modules). It is then assembled on-site over the course of a few weeks before electricity or plumbing is added. Since they’re built in a separate facility, this speeds up the construction process and protects your structure from the weather. 

Because of their modular construction, you can choose from many unique floor plans and arrange the modules in different ways. 


Also called “prefab,” these are very similar to modular log cabins. They are also built off-site but they come as complete units and require less assembly once delivered. Prefab log cabins are more standardized and don’t have as many design and customization options. 

Most modular log cabins are prefabricated, but not all prefabricated cabins are modular. 

Cabin Kits 

DIY kits include everything you need for your cabin, but require extensive assembly. They are a cheaper option which can look appealing at first, but always do your research before committing. 

They have limited customization options and require either you or a hired team to build it. Tackling this project yourself may not be worth it in terms of cost, stress, and quality of materials. 

What to Consider When Buying a Modular Log Cabin

There are many factors that go into deciding which log cabin you want. Buying a home is a big purchase and there are a lot of log cabin home considerations to discuss.

Location and Purpose

Let’s start with the basics—where are you going to put your cabin? Consider local zoning regulations, utilities, accessibility, foundation requirements, and more. How much space you have and the surrounding environment will determine what size and style you want. 

You also need to have a clear idea of how this structure is going to be used. Will it be a permanent home? A cozy vacation getaway? A hunting cabin? An office? Once you’ve finalized these questions, you can begin exploring all our different options.  


As with anything, price is an important factor. How much are you willing to spend on your dream log cabin? This will determine the size and style you pick. Remember that there are upfront costs along with the long-term expenses for maintenance and care. Don’t worry! We’ll discuss this later in the blog. 


Log cabin home design is no simple feat. Our Penn Dutch Structures cabins come in eight different styles: 

  • Chalet — two-story cabin with a large deck, prow roof, loft, and lots of glass 
  • Frontier — log-sided cabin with a corner porch 
  • Mountaineer — two-story cabin with a steep roofline and expansive front porch 
  • Pioneer — ranch home with a gable porch and gently sloping ceilings 
  • Musketeer — single-story cabin with the traditional Cape Cod look
  • Alpine — single-story home with 15 feet vaulted ceilings and an A-frame porch 
  • Settler — single-story cabin featuring wide open rooms with cathedral ceilings 
  • Mountaineer Deluxe — two-story home with a large porch, finished loft, and vaulted ceilings 

Whether you want a single-story home or a large cabin with a loft, we have something for everyone. 

Take a walk through one of our Mountaineer Deluxe cabins!

Floor Plans 

Our log cabin buying guide wouldn’t be complete without talking about floor plans. Each of our styles comes with a dozen or more plans to choose from. As mentioned above, the size you pick will depend on your location and purpose for the cabin. Think about how often it will be used and how many people it will hold to find the floor plan right for you. 

Our floor plans range from 22’ x 30’ to 30’ x 56’, not including the porch! 


At Penn Dutch Structures, having fun is key when you’re buying a modular log cabin. The finished product should feel like you and be customized to your unique taste. Design your perfect log home with interior and exterior features. Plus, each style has its own add-ons so you can really make it your own. 

Interior Customizations:  

  • Interior finish 
  • Kitchen sink and cabinets 
  • Countertops
  • Doors 
  • Windows 
  • Bathroom options 
  • Flooring
  • Tile

Exterior Customizations:   

  • Log corners
  • Roof lighting 
  • Stain colors 
  • Shingle colors 
  • Doors and shutters 
living room view of a modular log cabin


The last log cabin home consideration is permits. Before buying a log home, make sure you know the local zoning rules for your area. The specific permits needed depend on where you live, the size of your structure, and the purpose of your new cabin. 

Have more questions? Check out some of our most common log cabin FAQs

Care and Maintenance

While wooden homes are beautiful, rustic, and nostalgic to the good ‘ole days, they also require a lot of upkeep to maintain their functionality and appearance. Moisture, for example, is the enemy of cabins. It can cost up to $14,000 to replace the siding of your log home. Avoid extensive repairs by following our log cabin maintenance checklist.  

Common Log Cabin Issues: 

  • Moisture damage
  • Insect damage 
  • Sun damage 

This care and maintenance schedule will keep your log cabin safe and cozy for years to come! 

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