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The Great Outdoors Just Got Better.

Hand-crafted locally in Central PA, our wooden and vinyl pavilions are customizable to match the aesthetics of your home. We have a variety of vinyl and wood paint colors, wood stain colors, and shingle or metal roofing colors.

Sometimes you just need a little extra space, and an Amish pavilion can be the perfect addition to any property. Perfect for backyards, churches, pools, parks, and community centers, view our wide range of Amish pavilions for sale below.

Can’t find the exact outdoor pavilions you’re looking for? Don’t want to settle for close enough? 

Custom Pavilion Options

White Paint
Almond Paint
Clay Paint
Canyon brown stain wood
Canyon Brown Stain
Cedar Stain
Cinder Stain
Golden oak wood stain
Golden Oak
Mahogany Stain
Mushroom Stain
sepia brown stain swatch
Sepia Brown Stain
sky gray stain
Sky Gray Stain
composite brown decking swatch
Composite Brown Decking
Composite Cedar Decking
Chestnut decking
Composite Chestnut Decking
Tropical Mahogany Decking
tropical walnut decking
Tropical Walnut Decking
tropical teak decking swatch
Tropical Teak Decking
Composite Chestnut Decking swatch
Tropical Chestnut Decking
Victorian Brace Wood
Victorian Brace Vinyl
Turned Post Wood
earthtone cedar shingles swatch
Earthtone Cedar Shingles
driftwood shingles swatch
Driftwood Shingles
dual gray shingles swatch
Dual Gray Shingles
dual brown shingles swatch
Dual Brown Shingles
dual black shingles swatch
Dual Black Shingles
weatherwood shingles swatch
Weatherwood Shingles
harvard slate shingles swatch
Harvard Slate Shingles
charcoal gray shingles swatch
Charcoal Gray Shingles
aged redwood shingles sample
Aged Redwood Shingles
standing seam metal roofing
Standing Seam Metal Roofing
Ribbed Metal Roofing
Ribbed Metal Roofing
Slate Blue Metal Roofing swatch
Slate Blue Metal Roofing
bronze metal roofing swatch
Bronze Metal Roofing
red metal roofing swatch
Red Metal Roofing
charcoal metal roofing swatch
Charcoal Metal Roofing
green metal roofing swatch
Green Metal Roofing
black metal roofing swatch
Black Metal Roofing

EZShade Curtain

Add shade, privacy, and protection to the sides of your outdoor pavilion. The EZShade Curtain blocks out the hot sun and this manually-controlled curtain easily glides down the double cable system to shade the entire area. 

The EZShade Curtain system is made from strong screen material with partial transparency, adding comfortable shade with easy-to-use manual controls. It’s also available in seven colors and patterns you can coordinate it with your outdoor decor.

metallica smoke swatch
Metallica Smoke
black curtain swatch
Navy Pier swatch
Navy Pier
burlap swatch
Saylor Sepia
Palazzo Stripe Harbor

Current Pavilion Promotions & Coupons

What is the difference between a pavilion and a gazebo?

Pavilions are roofed structures with completely open sides and no built-in floor. Oftentimes, pavilions are attached to a patio, deck, or concrete base. You can learn more about the differences between gazebos and pavilions on our blog

Can you do a pavilion with a metal roof?

Penn Dutch offers a variety of metal roofing options for their pavilions. Some options include slate blue metal, bronze metal, red metal, charcoal metal, green metal, and black metal roofing.

What size pavilions does Penn Dutch Structures offer?

The size options for Penn Dutch pavilions will depend on the type of pavilion you are purchasing. We offer a wide variety of sizes ranging from 10’x10’ to 20’x30’. You can explore each pavilion style to discover which sizes are available.

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