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What You Might Not Know About Our Log Cabins

There is a definite appeal to log cabin living in a quiet location of solitude. Escaping to a place away from the hurriedness of everyday life and disconnecting in a cozy log cabin home with a warm fireplace and nature outside your window. But building a log cabin can be a long and costly undertaking, sometimes taking over 12-14 weeks to handcraft and using 60+ logs.

There are, however, alternatives to traditional, stacked log cabins available that can be constructed on a simpler and faster timetable and Penn Dutch Structures offers these options. Here are two important facts you may not have known about Penn Dutch log cabins.

We Build “Log Sided” Cabins

One of the first things you should know about our log cabins is they are actually “log sided” cabins. Instead of being constructed by stacking and interlocking full logs, a log-sided home is a hybrid of building a home with a traditional frame and applying log siding to the exterior, just like you would with vinyl siding. We use pine wood to create the log siding used on our cabins, which offers natural resistance to decay and rot.

Log-sided cabins have many advantages over traditional log cabins:

  • More flexibility for internal finishes – with tongue & groove wood walls you can choose a horizontal or vertical layout or choose painted wood for more visual appeal
  • Ability to hide electrical and plumbing within the walls of your cabin
  • Improved insulation and better energy efficiency than stacked log homes
  • Less seasonal shrinking and expanding of logs

We Use Modular Building

The other interesting fact about our log cabins is that they are modular homes. Don’t be fooled, we’re not talking about a mobile home that you attach to your vehicle and tow from location to location. Modular homes don’t describe the final product, it describes the process of how it is built.

Modular homes are constructed in individual sections in an off-site facility. Instead of hauling all building materials and construction equipment to the home site, modular log cabins are completed up to 60-90% off site and delivered on a trailer in two sections. At your home site, the sections are attached to the foundation and then final assembly and seaming take place. They are permanent structures, built on a foundation, and are constructed to meet all the same building codes as traditionally built homes.

Choosing a log cabin built through the modular process also saves you time! With traditional construction, the building process is held up while excavation, grading, foundation, and utilities are prepped. With modular building, these tasks can all happen at the same time, cutting your project time in half.

Penn Dutch offers multiple log cabin styles and floor plans ranging from 13 x 36’ to 30’ x 56’. Learn more about our log cabins, including all our available floor plans and customizations.