How to Enhance Your Detached Garage Security

So you’ve just bought a new garage. Your yard feels organized, and your vehicle is tucked away from the weather elements. But how are you protecting your items and ensuring your home is safe?

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about how to secure your sheds, but there are a lot of valuable items in your detached garage that should be just as protected. 

Below, we’ll highlight some recommended tools and brands, and tips that help enhance your detached garage security and make you feel safer.

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Placement of Your Detached Garage

As you’re preparing for the installation of your detached garage, consider where it sits in terms of the street. Is it easily accessible? Are people walking by able to see into the space? You don’t want to be advertising what’s inside your garage. 

Your garage should be placed for practical use, a place where you can easily access it and use it regularly. But, it’s important to make sure the detached garage can’t be accessed easily by neighbors or people walking by.

Securing the Outside of Your Garage

The first step in securing your garage is to check the outside surroundings of the area. This is an important step to complete because the outside of your home can provide a lot of indications and information about the security of your home. 

A potential intruder will be looking and scanning the property for certain boundaries that would hinder them from getting in. If they see these products, they will likely be turned away from trying to get on your property.

Exterior Lighting

Adding light to your garage and the surrounding area makes it less vulnerable to intruders. Along with enhancing your security, exterior lighting can also add an elegant layer to your landscaping. There are a variety of different lighting options and styles that can match the rest of your home, so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

We’d also recommend installing motion sensor lighting so whenever movement occurs around your garage, the entire area will light up. 

As an additional security tip, you can install interior lighting as well. That way, if something, or someone, does get into your garage, the inside will light up and you can be alerted of any activity.

Security Camera

Security cameras for detached garages are able to let you see what’s happening around the area, even when you’re away. This helps you feel more comfortable when you’re leaving your home for an extended period of time. 

There are a lot of options for security cameras or security systems for your detached garage. You should find something that works for your yard and can effectively capture the necessary landscaping to ensure your home is secure.

Alarm System

The final product that helps you have a well-rounded security system and increases protection for your home is an alarm system. An alarm system has the ability to give you an immediate notification or alert if someone is lurking around your home. 

Just like a security camera, this system can provide assurance that your home is well protected even when you’re away. 

Although a majority of these products are used for an intruder, exterior lighting, security cameras, and alarm systems can also help you if an animal is getting into your detached garage. They can sometimes be just as damaging to your home.

a white garage with two white garage doors.

Strengthen Your Garage Door Security

Now that you have a list of security products you can use to protect your home, we’ll move into additions you can consider when designing your garage to enhance its security. Having a secure garage door and surrounding area creates a barrier for anyone looking to get into your garage.

Using a Garage Door Opener

A common device homeowners use to ensure they have a secure garage door is a remote control opener. This product also increases convenience because you can open your garage door while in your car, on a mower, or with your hands full. 

It also makes it extremely difficult for someone to manually open your garage door. Which is ultimately going to make your door, and home, more secure. To take your security up a notch, there are smart garage door openers available. They will alert you when your garage door opens so you can be aware of any irregular activities.

Decorating with Windows

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to advertise to the world what’s inside your garage space. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have windows for your decorative style. The question is, how do you create a balance between security and aesthetics?

You have a couple of options when it comes to increasing your window security. You can purchase a security or tinted film to put on your windows or add blinds or curtains. Blinds or curtains can add a pop of color or be more in tune with your decorative style to your garage. Both options will obscure people’s view of your space.

a yellow garage with two white garage doors and matching windows above each garage door.

6 Additional Tips to Enhance Your Detached Garage Security

The last section of our detached garage security guide will leave you with 5 tips we recommend you start implementing today. 

#1. Never Leave Your Garage Door Open and Unattended

If you’re going to be away from your garage for a long period of time, make sure you’re closing and locking your garage door. Even in the Summer, when you’re working outside and going in and out of the space, it’s best to be aware of your surroundings and have your garage door closed if you’re not in a direct vicinity. 

When your garage door is open in broad daylight, it allows people walking by to easily see into the space and view any valuables that they could be interested in.

#2. Keep Your Garage Organized

Now, let’s take that first recommendation a step further. Let’s say someone does see into your garage and notices that everything is just kind of thrown in there and not organized. They may be more likely to take something from a messy garage. 

By keeping the interior of your garage organized and well-maintained, it gives off the impression that you know what’s in your garage space, and where. So, you’ll be more likely to notice and report something if it goes missing.

#3. Regularly Change Your Garage Opener Code

Previously, we mentioned the benefit of implementing a remote garage door opener to enhance your detached garage security. This is a great idea, but you should regularly change the code in case it falls into the wrong hands. 

Let’s say you’re going on vacation and have someone you trust house-sitting. If you give them your code, make sure you immediately change it once you’re back. In normal circumstances, we recommend changing the code at least twice a year.

#4. Include Your Garage Under Your Homeowners Insurance

Luckily, all garages, detached or attached, are included in your homeowner’s insurance. Your detached structure will be under Coverage B. This is important to have so that in case of a break-in or robbery, you can get money for the damages.

A tan garage with green trim and small shrubs surrounding the base.

#5. Add Plants and Trees to Add Privacy to Your Home

This can be a visually appealing and natural way to make your home feel more secure and private. Thick hedges, tall trees, and vines can obscure the view into your backyard and give neighbors and people passing by less motivation to explore your home.

#6. Think Like a Robber

The last recommendation we have is to think like a robber. This is a proactive way to keep your home protected. Every so often, do a scan of your landscaping and backyard to see if there are any holes in your security. 

You can ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is there an easy way someone can see into my garage from the road?
  • How can someone get into my garage? Are those areas secure?
  • Who knows the code for my garage? Is it time to change it? 

It’s crucial that you invest in detached garage security and you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your items protected. Although there will be upfront costs, in the long run, you’ll feel more confident in knowing your valuables are safe.

Still think your garage is too unsafe?

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