Secure Storage Sheds 101

Whether you’re considering buying a new shed for your outdoor space, or you’re looking to remodel an old shed, making sure it’s secure is a necessity. No matter what you use your shed for, you’ll want to keep your belongings safe inside. There are many ways an intruder can break into your shed, but taking the proper precautions can eliminate almost any security issues.

Secure storage sheds will allow you to keep your mind at ease when you’re away from your home or any other time someone has the opportunity to break in. In this blog, we will share some ideas you can use to keep your shed secure and safe from intruders. 

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  1. Implement Alarm System
  2. Shed Security Cameras
  3. Shed Locks
  4. Fix Shed to Foundation
  5. Upgrade Hinges
  6. Shed Security Bar
  7. Window Security
  8. Obscure Windows
  9. Avoid Plastic Roofing
  10. Use Foot Anchors

10 Shed Security Ideas

Shed break-ins are a common issue for homeowners. There are many ways you can secure storage sheds, and depending on what you’re using your space for, you can decide what lengths you’d like to go to keep your shed protected. Below we’ve listed 10 of our favorite ideas to give you some inspiration to get started.

1. Implement an Alarm System and/or Sensor Lights

The first thing you should do to secure your shed is implement an alarm system. These systems don’t just detect intruders as they attempt to break in, but they also keep people from targeting your shed in the first place. 

Most alarm systems that are activated set off a siren internally and externally while also flashing a strobe light. There are two main types of systems you can install: 

  • Movement sensors (PIR)– Also known as passive infrared sensors, these sensors look for movement in or around the shed. If movement is detected an alarm signal is sent to the alarm panel. They can be hard-wired or wireless depending on which type you choose. 
  • Door and window contact sensors– These sensors are mounted on the door or windows of your shed. If they detect that either entryway is opened, they will set off an alarm.
Shed security system

2. Try Using a Shed Security Camera

Using a security camera for your shed is another one of the most efficient ways to keep your belongings safe. They come in a variety of configurations so you can find the one that fits best with your shed layout.

  • ADT cameras– These cameras can be used indoors or outdoors. They have night vision and allow you to store video clips any time on your mobile devices. 
  • Alder cameras– These cameras are fully wireless and have smart motion detection. You also get free cloud video storage with your camera system. They also can be used indoors or outdoors, have night vision, and incorporate 2-way audio. 
  • Vivint cameras– These cameras have 24/7 video recording and can be used indoors or outdoors. They also have 4K HD sensors and infrared night vision which allows you to see the video clearly day and night. 
  • Cove cameras– These cameras are easy for anyone to set up and offer a lifetime equipment warranty. The high-resolution video can be stored in the cloud or on a memory card. These cameras can be used indoors or outdoors and include night vision. 

3. Choose a High Security Shed Lock

It may seem obvious to use a lock on your shed, but knowing the proper lock to install could go a long way. High security shed locks come in a variety of types and styles. You’ll want to do enough research to find which locks are most difficult to cut through or forced open. 

  • Rim lock– These locks are fixed inside the door with wood screws. The door catch is secured into a strike plate or keep that is fixed to the frame of the door. This is the least secure option for shed locks since the lock is only held in place by wooden screws.
  • Pad bolt– These bolts consist of a flat or circular bar that slides horizontally inside the mounting fixed to the outside of the door and door frame. When the door is locked the bolt is slid horizontally into a receiver that is fixed to the door frame. 
  • Hasp and staple– Similar to the pad bolt lock, these locks are fixed to the outside of the shed. However, a hinged hasp is different because when the door is closed the hinge goes over a staple that’s fixed to the door frame. This makes it much harder for anybody to cut through. 

4. Fix Your Shed to the Foundation

Oftentimes, storage sheds that are installed by the homeowner are not properly secured to the ground or foundation. If the shed isn’t fully secured to the ground, it gives intruders an opportunity to simply lever or lift up one of the walls. 

If you’re setting it up by yourself, make sure you anchor your shed to the foundation the right way. Or ask for help from an experienced professional to prepare your site for the shed delivery

Site Preparation

5. Upgrade Your Hinges

The hinges you use on your shed door play a key role in shed security. It’s not only the strength of the hinge you choose that matters, but also the components that make up the hinge. If your hinges are old or worn out, it’s smart to upgrade them in order to ensure they can’t be knocked out or pried open. Look for the:

  • Gauge of hinge metal – The gauge of hinge metal determines how strong the metal is, and can play a key role in shed security. Oftentimes, the shed door hinges that come with shed kits are made of thin metal. Investing in heavier-duty hinges will help boost your security and ensure they last.
  • Accessibility to the hinge pin – The hinge pin is the metal rod that holds the two sections of a hinge together. Higher quality hinges make sure the hinge pin is inaccessible and covered by weld. This ensures that the pin won’t be easily knocked out.
  • Type of fixings used to fit the hinge to the door and shed – Hinges are usually supplied with standard screws to fit them to the shed and door. These screws can be easily removed. Consider replacing these screws with security screws (such as Clutch Head or Sentinel Screws), to ensure your hinges won’t be pried open. 

6. Upgrade Your Door with a Shed Security Bar

A shed security bar offers extra security in addition to your locks. Made of heavy metal that cannot be broken, the bar is attached to the exterior of your shed door. There are locks on both sides of the bar and can only be opened by unlocking both sides. 

Since the lock bar is usually heavier than other locks, you will need heavy-duty fasteners to properly install. They typically cost between $40-$200 depending on the lock bar construction. 

7. Install Window Security

Securing your shed door is important, but installing window security can be just as necessary. If someone cannot break through your door, they’ll most likely attempt to get through the window. Since windows are usually made of glass and therefore easy to break, you may want to consider using a window guard or security bar. 

  • Grisham Window Guard– These security bars are popular for their aesthetic and safety. Their spear-point edges and decorative center make them seem like an intentional design choice rather than a security measure. They mount on the exterior of your window and incorporate a quick-release function. Though the size isn’t adjustable, they’re offered in a variety of sizes at reasonable prices.
  • Mr. Goodbar– This window guard is one of the more expensive options available. They offer many different qualities such as: adjustable sizing, vertical or horizontal installation options, tamper-resistant mounting materials, and a swing-away function. These heavy steel bars go on the interior of your home and have a white finish to blend into most window designs.
  • Defender Security Segal Window Guard Window guards are fairly priced, functional, and safe. They have a quick-release function, adjustable sizing, and come with tamper-resistant screws. While they’re typically not too fancy, they do offer more security with their steel bars that go on the interior of your home.
  • Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar– These window bars are popular for their accessibility. The sturdy painted steel comes with reusable Velcro to hold it in position and is easy to use and install. The security bar is adjustable and can double its length, allowing you to make it however long or short is necessary for your window size. 

8. Obscure Your Shed Windows

Making it harder for people to see through your shed windows will make them less likely to break in because they won’t be able to examine what’s inside. The best way to do this is by adding frosted windows or covering the windows with curtains. You can also install impact-resistant windows or glass-break sensors for even more protection.

9. Avoid Plastic Roofing

It may seem unlikely, but the roof of your shed is another entryway for an intruder. Installing builders bands or metal brackets to the inside of your shed will ensure someone cannot simply lift up the roof to gain access. You may also want to consider replacing a plastic roof with a heavier metal material which will make it much harder for anyone to cut through. 

 10. Put Floor Anchors in Place

Depending on what you’re storing inside your shed, you may want to consider installing floor anchors. Larger and more valuable items such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other equipment, can be chained to these anchors and secured with a quality lock. Floor anchors work well with timber and concrete floors, and they add an extra set of security if someone manages to get into the shed. 

Villa Style Wood Shed

Taking the necessary steps to have a secure storage shed may take some time and money. But doing so can help ensure you won’t become a victim of theft. In the long run, it’s better to know your belongings are safe rather than risking a break-in and having things stolen. 

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