What is the Best Option? Storage Shed vs Storage Unit

We get it, we’re all guilty of having too much “stuff.”  Although the practical decision would be to downsize or donate, you may decide one day that you want to ride that mountain bike you haven’t touched in two years. You’re definitely going to ride it again one day, right? In the meantime, where can you store that bike and the other items that are taking up valuable space in your garage?  Two popular options are purchasing a storage shed for your backyard or renting an off-site storage unit. The real question is which one makes more sense for your needs? Find out which one suits you better — a shed vs. storage unit.

Are Storage Units a Better Deal?

The first factor to consider is cost. A storage unit is paid for monthly, just like rent, while a storage shed you pay for up front, in full. Additionally, some storage units require a security deposit, administration fees, and require you to purchase a specific lock. Close to one-third of storage unit renters will rent for several years. In five years’ time, you would have spent close to $4,315 on a 5′ x 10’ storage unit, and that’s for rent only. Meanwhile, the average cost of a larger 8′ x 10′ storage shed is about $2,175, and you own it for a lifetime.

However, if you aren’t ready to pay for a brand new shed in-full at the time of purchase, you do have an option beyond leasing out a storage unit.  For example, Penn Dutch Structures offer a rent-to-own program on their selection. Using the rent-to-own option, you can add an 8′ x 10′ shed to your backyard, paying just $101 per month, and take ownership after just three years.

Are Sheds More Convenient?

To fill your storage unit with all your extra stuff, you might need to rent a truck (which will cost you even more money) or borrow a friend’s vehicle. It may even take multiple trips to haul everything to your new unit. Going to retrieve items from your unit will take even more time and expense.

Not all storage units are available 24 hours a day, but your backyard storage shed is. With your backyard shed, there’s no need to rent/borrow a truck or set aside a specific day to drop items off or pick things up. Simply walk out your back door, and it’s all there any time you need it.

Do I Have to Insure My Shed?

With a storage shed, items in the structure, and the structure itself are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Meanwhile, items in a storage unit are not covered and many storage unit locations do not offer independent property insurance. This means, if items in your storage shed are damaged, you’re covered, but a storage unit

Can Sheds Hurt My Property Value?

Lastly, adding a storage shed in your backyard can increase your home’s property value. By adding extra storage, which is attractive to potential homebuyers, your property has an advantage if you ever sell your home. A storage unit does nothing to add to the value of your current home.

Shed vs Storage Unit: Who Wins?

Due to their affordability, convenience, and ability to add value to your existing property, sheds are the better option.

Need tips on how to make the most of your shed space? We’ve got you covered, discover our best practices for keeping your shed organized for optimal storage space.

Decided A Shed Is Right For You

Penn Dutch Structures proudly offers a wide variety of sheds that come in a range of sizes and styles to match any storage needs you have.

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