Permanent Sheds Add Real Value to Your Property – When Done Right

As a homeowner, every home improvement project you tackle has the goal of increasing the property value of your home. The same can be said when you purchase a backyard shed to add more storage on your property. Whether you plan on selling your home, or you plan to stay for years to come, permanent sheds add real value to your property — if you make the right choices.

Add Value with Quality Materials

The first thing you’ll want to take notice of when shopping for a new shed is the aesthetics or looks of the shed. Quality materials play a big role in an attractive shed. Two of the most popular materials for shed construction are wood and vinyl.  Both materials are durable and can be used in the construction of a variety of shed styles. However, wood sheds will require more routine upkeep, while vinyl sheds require less maintenance.

While sheds add real value to your property, metal sheds may not be the best choice. The possibility of rust could mean a great deal more upkeep down the line and could quickly turn your shed into an eyesore in your backyard.

Match the Style of Your Home

Consider the style of your home when adding a shed to your backyard. A rustic, barn-inspired shed will look cohesive with a farmhouse-style home. On the other hand, a sleek, modern shed will look out of place with a classic, traditional home. Mismatched styles will do very little to add real value to your property.

You can also include small details on your shed, such as window boxes, French doors, or shutters, to help tie your shed design in with your home design. You can also add these accessories to an existing shed to update the entire look.

Think Functionality First

Next, you will want to take into account the functionality and storage capability of a new shed. Primarily, these outdoor structures are used as extra storage for tools, lawn equipment, or your children’s playthings. Make sure the shed you choose is an adequate size to house all the necessary items, but not too big that it overwhelms a small backyard.

Add Further Value with Landscaping

Make sure to consider your current landscaping when buying a new shed, which should flow with its surroundings. This ensures that the structure blends in and doesn’t look like an afterthought to your property. Plant additional landscaping around your new shed to help with the blending process.

Create Less Hassle for Homebuyers

If you are selling your home, permanent sheds add real value to your property because they mean less work in the eyes of a new homeowner. Adequate storage space is something that’s on many house hunting wish lists and an outdoor shed is a good sign that your property has the space they need. Replacing an existing worn-out shed before selling your home ensures less maintenance on the part of the new homeowners, which is an attractive aspect to buyers.

Don’t Let Your Shed Drive Down Your Property Value

But beware, a backyard shed does have the potential to decrease the value of your property. If you fail to perform upkeep on your shed, and the structure begins to deteriorate, your entire backyard can look sloppy and unkempt. This certainly gives the wrong impression to neighbors and/or potential homebuyers.

Are you ready to add additional storage to your backyard area?

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