Is An Elevated Hunting Blind Right For You?

Hunting is a long-held past time that many people use to provide food for their family or build special bonds between generations. In South Central and Southeast Pennsylvania and Western Maryland this includes fowl and deer hunting. People appreciate the tradition and skill that are involved in hunting, but what about the downsides? This can include sitting perfectly quiet and still for hours at a time, in cold, snow, or rain. For many, protective hunting blinds are the solution. These portable or permanent structures provide protection from the elements among other benefits.

Popular hunting blind options include tree stands and ground blinds — both with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, many hunters find that elevated hunting blinds provide a great compromise. They offer the height and visibility of a tree stand with the safety and coverage of a ground blind. Below you’ll read more information on using elevated hunting blinds when bow hunting or rifle hunting.

Benefits of Elevated Hunting Blinds

All hunting blinds have the advantage of protecting you from the elements, providing a warm space to wait out your hunt and space to keep your equipment dry. Here are additional benefits you’ll find when using an elevated hunting blind.

Makes you less visible — Camouflaged designs help your hunting blind blend into the outdoors and keeps animals from spotting your presence.
Conceals movement — Whether loading your bow or positioning your rifle, hunting blinds help to conceal the slight movements you make.
Masks your scent — Many designs are constructed with scent-blocking materials which limits one of an animal’s keenest senses.
Remains in place — Elevated hunted blinds are permanent structures, which means animals become complacent to their presence and no longer view them as a threat.
Safety at heights — Quadpod stands used in many elevated hunting blinds are structurally sound and great when safe trees are not readily available on your land.

Elevated Hunting Blinds for Deer Hunting

Although duck and turkey hunters are better positioned on the ground, elevated hunting blinds are a preferred hunting blind option for deer hunting.

Extended range of sight — Compared to a ground blind, elevated hunting blind options allow you an extended view of your hunting grounds.
360° viewing — Elevated designs provide window openings on all sides for a complete field of view.
Avoid ground cover — Elevation provides you the opportunity to look over the top of thick ground cover that would otherwise obstruct your view.
Disperse your scent — When you’re elevated, your scent is released upwards instead of downwind to the deer.

Specifically for archers, elevated bow hunting blinds make it easier to maneuver to load and position your shot. You have the necessary space that’s not always available in smaller pop-up shelters. For rifle hunters, holding and steadying a heavy rifle on a minimal tree stand can be tiring. Hunting blinds offer support for propping and steadying your weapon.

Additionally, elevated hunting blinds are better for young hunters. Teaching your children to be responsible hunters is critical for the next generation. But, the long day of waiting in quiet and stillness can be tougher for young hunters than it is for older, experienced sportsmen. An elevated hunting blind allows them the space to move and stretch, without compromising the hunt.

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