Is An Elevated Hunting Blind Right For You?

Hunting is a long-held pastime that many people use to provide food for their families or build special bonds between generations. In South Central and Southeast Pennsylvania and Western Maryland, this includes fowl and deer hunting. People appreciate the tradition and skill that are involved in hunting. 

Whether bow hunting or rifle hunting, this blog outlines the benefits of utilizing elevated hunting blinds for a successful hunting season.

Tree Stand vs. Elevated Hunting Blind

Before we dive into the benefits of elevated hunting blinds, you’ll first need to make the decision of whether you want a tree stand or an elevated hunting blind. The biggest difference is an elevated hunting blind sits on the ground, while a tree stand sits in a tree

One of the downfalls to tree stands vs. elevated hunting blinds is they can’t be as secure or as structurally sound. It’s harder to find a strong tree that supports your weight, hunting gear, and tree stand. On the other hand, an elevated blind is a more permanent, secure structure. 

A benefit to tree stands is that some are made to allow hunters to be more mobile and adaptable so you can quickly change areas if necessary. Lastly, both tree stands and hunting blinds can allow for 2-man options, or be made for just yourself.

Benefits of Elevated Hunting Blinds

All hunting blinds have the advantage of protecting you from the elements, providing a warm space to wait out your hunt and space to keep your equipment dry. Here are additional benefits you’ll find when using an elevated hunting blind.

Makes You Less Visible

An elevated hunting stand not only keeps you out of the eye level of deer and other animals, but it also gives you a better view of the area so you can get a full picture of your surroundings. When you’re on the ground, you may be impaired by bushes, fallen trunks, and leaves. 

With an elevated view and windows all around your blind, you get a 360-degree view of the area. So you’re aware of everything going on from every angle. This gives you a great advantage to see any and all opportunities for a great shot. 

Finally, our elevated hunting blinds come in camouflaged designs to better blend into the outdoors and keep animals from spotting your presence. Within your hunting blind, you don’t have to be as conscious of your movements and sounds you make as you’re shuffling around.

Conceals Movement

Whether you’re loading a bow or positioning your rifle, hunting blinds help conceal the slight movements you make. Which includes movements that seem natural to you, but can cause an animal to become more alert of your presence. 

Deer have the ability to detect the slightest movement 4 times faster than a human being. So, even the tiniest and quietest movements will put a deer on edge and make them more aware of the surroundings.

Masks Your Scent

Animals are immediately going to recognize an unknown scent and stay far away from it. The human body itself produces a lot of VOCs, or natural smells that can be picked up very easily by an animal. In order to avoid this aversion, protect yourself within an elevated hunting stand. 

Many blinds are constructed with scent-blocking materials which limits one of an animal’s keenest senses. We also recommend installing the blind at least a month prior to hunting season and covering the base of your stand with branches, leaves, and brush. This helps protect the new scent and allows deer and other animals to get comfortable with it prior to hunting season.

Octagon Elevated Amish Built Deer Blind

Remains in Place

As we’ve mentioned above, even the slightest movements will make an animal more aware of its surroundings. In an elevated hunting blind, you’ll be sitting and hunting in a permanent structure so you won’t have to be shuffling around and creating lots of movement. 

Since it’s a permanent structure, animals eventually become complacent to your presence, and the hunting blind, so it’s no longer viewed as a threat. The hunting blind will become a natural element in the environment and animals won’t give it a second thought. 

With that being said, make sure you’re doing your research and finding the right spot for your elevated hunting stand. Scout out paths and travel habits, as well as sleeping and eating patterns. This research will help you be proactive and ultimately more successful during your hunts. 

Also, by investing in a permanent structure, you can put it in a secure and secret place near a log cabin or hunting cabin for even more convenience.

Structurally Sound

Quadpod stands are used in many elevated hunting blinds and are structurally sound and a great choice when safe trees are not as readily available to you. And as we’ve discussed already, hunting blinds are a more permanent structure and ultimately the more reliable choice.

Makes Hunting More Comfortable

Hunting days are long, and in order to be successful you need to be as quiet as possible. Sitting perfectly still and quiet on the ground or up in a tree can become quite uncomfortable. Wait for the right shot and stay comfortable in an elevated hunting stand. 

Also, you must consider the different weather elements. Throughout the day, you may experience rain, wind, or snow. It becomes an unfavorable experience if you’re out in the open. An elevated hunting stand has a secure roof and siding so it better protects you from the weather.

Elevated Hunting Blind Designs

There are a couple of different heights and shapes that your elevated hunting blind can come in. The height that works best for you will depend on where you’re hunting and your comfort. The shape depends on the area you want to install it in and what works best for you. 

Your blind should be high enough where you’re not at eye level with animals but make sure it’s not too high where you feel the effects of wind or aren’t comfortable being that high off the ground. 

You will also need to consider the size of your hunting blind. Are you typically hunting by yourself? Or should there be room for two hunters? At Penn Dutch Structures, we have a variety of shape options, either can be chosen based on the hunter’s preference. 

The windows in your elevated hunting blind design also play a key role. You will need a lot of natural light so you can see your equipment and area well. And with a higher shooting window, you shoot at a downward angle so if you do miss, there’s less chance of safety risks.

Square Elevated Amish Built Deer Blind

Elevated Hunting Blind Accessories

Once you have the ideal structure, it’s time to get your elevated hunting blind accessories. These accessories will help you with your game and allow you to be prepared for any situation.

  1. Shelf and Shooting Rest. Have a secure spot to support your shooting and ultimately give you a more precise shot. 
  2. Shooters Chair. Rather than standing or sitting on the ground, use a shooter’s chair for maximum comfort. 
  3. Shooting Bag. Rest your gun on a shooting bag to keep a steady hand and have a more accurate shot.  
  4. Clear Window Panels. Protect yourself from weather elements and better mask your scent with clear window panels.  
  5. Floor Mats. This is another accessory that heightens your comfort and reduces the risk of slipping and falling when you’re in the elevated hunting blind. 

Interested In Getting the Most Out of Your Hunting?

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Octagon Elevated Amish Built Deer Blind

This blog was originally published on September 30th, 2019, and was updated on July 29th, 2023.