Creating Your Personal Man Cave Shed: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Looking to enjoy a place made just for you and anyone you choose to share it with, without the hassle of remodeling your actual home? Whether you’re finding the perfect shed for your outdoor space, or choosing to renovate a shed already in place, we have all the tips, tricks, and ideas you need to create your dream man cave shed.

Man Cave vs. She-Shed

You’ve probably heard of a she-shed, but have you thought about creating an outdoor man cave as well? She-sheds are for things like crafting, meditating, or countless other activities, whereas man caves may be focused more on gaming areas, hangout spaces, or even a workout area.

Man caves and she-sheds both follow a similar idea — it’s a place outside your home, that you can call your own. There are just as many
she-shed ideas to choose from as there are man cave ideas, but both require some planning.

9 Steps to Follow When Renovating Your Man Cave Shed

Once you’ve decided what purpose your renovated shed will serve, you can begin putting together some of your man cave shed plans. Here’s our recommended course of action to get started.

Painting shed with new coat and color.

1. Try a New Coat of Paint

A nice fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Begin your shed makeover by giving it a new look, both inside and out. You can choose a color that matches or compliments your home, or even mix in a different color scheme depending on what you’ll be using your new space for. Either way, a new coat of paint will elevate your shed’s look. 

2. Seal Up Cracks

Before you begin making any big changes to turn your shed into a man cave, you need to ensure it’s ready to last. Sealing up any cracks, divots, or other damages helps you make your man cave look good as new. Once your shed is cleaned out, you can use weatherstripping to keep your space sealed up from any dust, bugs, drafts, or other problems.

3. Add Windows

Even though your man cave may have originally been a shed, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your new space feel like home. There are many great man cave shed interior ideas but the most important may be adding windows. You can brighten up the inside to create a more relaxing and livable space. Plus, windows can also help with ventilation and air circulation if necessary.

4. Install Insulation

Ensure you’re comfortable inside your shed during every season by installing insulation. Since you’ll be spending time in your new space, you want to make sure your belongings are protected from inclement weather or extreme temperatures. You may even consider adding drywall to create a real room inside your shed with proper walls.

Installing insulation into shed walls.

5. Add AC/Heating

Similarly to installing insulation, you may be interested in adding AC and/or heating. Mild climates may only require insulation, but when temperatures rise or fall, you’ll need to make some adjustments. Adding a small air conditioner and/or heater will allow you and any guests to remain comfortable while inside the man cave shed.

6. Install Better Lighting

Most average sheds don’t necessarily require decent lighting. You can add overhead lights and lamps to brighten up the area allowing enough light to enjoy any hobbies or activities. You can also add exterior lighting if you plan on spending time in your space when the sun goes down.

7. Revamp the Entrance

Guests should feel welcomed when they enter your renovated space, and the best way to do that is by revamping the entrance. Whether you’re adding a new coat of paint or purchasing a new door altogether, make sure it’s inviting and accessible. 

You can choose any door style depending on how you’d like to use the space overall, but don’t forget to properly seal your door to avoid any exterior damage.

8. Convert the Floor

Durable flooring is a necessity when it comes to turning a storage shed into a man cave. You want to ensure your floor is protected from mold, moisture, and other elements that cause damage. There are many types of flooring you can use in your shed such as: wood, concrete, vinyl, or even carpet. Whichever type of floor you choose, remember you can add throw carpets or rugs for maximum comfort. 

9. Install Shelves and Storage Spaces

No matter how you choose to use your new space, you’ll want to have areas for storage and organization. Installing shelves is a great way to add more room for items or decor.

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Man Cave Shed Ideas

Now that you know the steps to convert your space into a man cave shed, it’s time to decide how you’d like to use your new space. While there are countless ideas you can use for inspiration, here are our top 3 favorites!

Gaming Shed

Turn your shed into the ultimate game room for you and your guests. By adding a dartboard, television station, game tables, and countless board games, you can enjoy an entertaining space complete with all the necessary elements for a great time.

Workout Shed

Get your daily exercise in without having to deal with the hassle of going to the gym. Sometimes, having our own workout space is more beneficial than having a gym membership. You can convert your renovated shed into a workout area that includes all of your necessary equipment. 

Hangout Shed

Create a space where you can relax. Comfy couches, chairs, and soft carpets can help transform your shed into the perfect area for you to spend lazy Sundays or unwind after a long day at work. Incorporate your own style and some of your favorite elements to complete an oasis for yourself.

No matter how you choose to remodel your shed, remember to have fun and be creative with your ideas. Don’t hesitate to add details that make it the perfect fit for you!

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