Man Caves for Women? Introducing 10 She Shed Ideas

Sheds have come a long way from the long-forgotten backyard buildings that held broken tools and dusty boxes. They are now becoming backyard showpieces designed with trendy colors, attractive windows and doors, and other unique accessories. These stylish shed designs have changed the way people, more specifically, women, are using their backyard sheds and have created a new trend — the she shed.

If you’re unfamiliar with a she shed, it’s essentially a man cave for women, located outdoors. While men have taken over basements and spare bedrooms all across America, women now have their own women caves, a space to spend personal time to unwind and destress, indulge in their favorite hobby, or run a home business.

Wondering what to do with a She Shed? Yoga, art, & photo studios are a few popular ideas for she sheds. You can also design a cozy reading nook with soft lights and comfy decor. As for she shed decorating ideas, the sky’s the limit! Just be sure you include heat/air/wifi for optimal comfort.

10 She Shed Ideas That Will Inspire

These ten inspiring she shed ideas from Penn Dutch Structures show you what’s possible when creating a woman cave that’s all your own.

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How Are You Using Your She Shed?

The purpose of your she shed will help you decide on the size, style, and design of the shed you purchase. 

  • An art or photo studio will require a lot of natural light. 
  • To create a gardening retreat, be sure to include a lot of storage and organization. 
  • Using a shed as a yoga studio will require open space and a higher ceiling. 
  • For a reading nook, add plenty of shelving for your growing library. 

Create A Style All Your Own

Your she shed should be designed to be a reflection of your personality — whether you’re bright and bold, soft and feminine, or playful and whimsical. When choosing a design for your woman cave, don’t be afraid to play around with colors, door and window styles, and roofing materials.

Additional she shed ideas include amping up the curb appeal of your shed with landscaping. An easy way to start is with a small flower garden along the front of your shed or window boxes under the windows. Placing an arbor over the doorway or along the side will bring you closer to nature as climbing plants and flowering vines grow within. To go above and beyond, add a small patio of stone pavers in front of your shed so that, as the weather allows, you can expand your useable space to include the outside.

Other Considerations When Buying a She Shed

Obtaining Permits — You may not be required to obtain a building permit since your she shed will most likely be arriving pre-built. However, you may need to inquire about homeowners association (HOA) standards or a zoning permit. A zoning permit ensures that your structure properly fits into your zoning district (single-family residential or multi-family residential) and meets requirements for setbacks, approved uses, height regulations, etc. A building permit, on the other hand, ensures that your structure meets building and safety codes.

Building a She Shed Base — Your shed will need to be installed on an appropriate base. Crushed stone is a great option for your she shed base because it’s a stable material that prevents foundation shifting and allows for proper drainage. Your shed base should be 1’ larger than your shed on all sides.

Insulation & Utilities — To enjoy as much time as possible in your outdoor woman cave and to create a comfortable environment, you’ll need to make some after-purchase upgrades. To protect yourself from cold weather, insulate your shed. Additionally, you can add electric, cable/internet, or plumbing connections so you have access to lighting, internet, and running water.

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