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Preparing for your new structure

Site PreparationThe best thing you can do to contribute to the longevity of your new outdoor structure is to install a quality pad. We recommend a minimum of a 4 to 8″ crushed stone base, at least 1′ larger than your building in both directions. Crushed stone allows for drainage should any moisture get underneath your shed.

Drainage is of utmost importance, as the greatest enemy to any garden shed is moisture. If you look at older sheds around your neighborhood, you will notice that many of them are beginning to rot around the bottom of the structure. This is because most, if not all, of those sheds, do not have a prepared base underneath them. As rain falls from the edge of the roof, it deflects off of the ground and splashes onto the sidewalls of the shed. Over the years, this will cause the doors and lower siding of these sheds to rot. Using stone as a base, the water is able to be absorbed into the ground instead of splashed against your building.

If you would like help with preparing a suitable pad for your structure, we recommend BedRock Foundations as a company that does quality work. They also offer a five-year guarantee that your shed will not shift. Click the link below to view their pad options.

Bedrock Foundations