Trash Can Sheds

Trash can sheds are the best solution for outdoor storage of your garbage and recycling bins. Not only are these sheds more aesthetically pleasing than loose bins, they also protect from many common problems — high winds knocking over cans, snow-covered bins, and animals rummaging through your trash.

Trash can sheds are constructed with a hinged lid that makes it easy to toss trash and recycling items to your bins, as well as front panel openings that make it easy to remove your bins and place them curb-side. Our trash can sheds are constructed locally in Central Pennsylvania. Each one is durable and soundly constructed using top-grade wood or vinyl materials. They require very little maintenance and will last for years.

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Standard Features

Whether you shop our inventory of in-stock sheds or work with our design team to build a made-to-order shed, you’ll see these distinct qualities in all of our trash can sheds:

  • Lean-to design
  • Hinged, PVC lid
  • Two- or three-door front panel
Jumbo 2-can Shed with clay-colored PVC Lid

Trash Can Shed Sizes

These are the size options available for Trash Can Sheds:

  • 1 Can - Small (24"D x 32" W x 48" H)
  • 2 Can - Small (24"D x 59" W x 48" H)
  • 3 Can - Small (24"D x 86" W x 48" H)
  • 1 Can - Large (30"D x 32" W x 52" H)
  • 2 Can - Large (30"D x 359" W x 52" H)
  • 3 Can - Large (30"D x 86" W x 52" H)
  • 2 Can - Jumbo (40"D x 72" W x 59" H)

Trash Can Shed Gallery

Our trash can shed image gallery provides you with options to suit your needs.

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