Quaker Sheds

Quaker sheds are one of our most popular styles, based on their traditional good looks. They feature an attractive and unique design with a distinctive roof overhang, making them an ideal centerpiece for your garden or yard. But they don’t only provide beauty. With lots of headroom and open rafters, Quaker sheds also offer maximum storage space.

Our Amish-crafted Quaker sheds are constructed locally in Central Pennsylvania using durable, high-quality vinyl and wood for an attractive product that requires little maintenance and will look great for years to come.

Opt for the New England Deluxe styling package for your shed for the best in backyard sheds. These beautiful designs feature extra wide trim, unique doors with transom windows, and grill window panes.

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Standard Features

Whether you shop our in-stock inventory of sheds or work with our design team to create something that’s all yours, these are the standard features you’ll see in all Quaker sheds:

Standard Configuration:

  • 4×4 pressure-treated lumber & joists
  • 2x4s, 16″ on center with double-plated top wall
  • 84” front walls
  • 72” back walls
  • 5/8″ plywood floor
  • Heavy-duty raised panel double entrance doors, with choice of placement
  • Two windows with shutters included*
  • Offset peak, 6.6/12 pitch
  • Maximum overhead space
  • 30-year architectural shingles
  • Choice of siding and trim colors

*10’x10′ and smaller includes one window with shutters

Popular Upgrades:

  • Transom windows in doors
  • Trim around windows instead of shutters
  • Ramp
  • Larger Windows


New England Deluxe Wood Trim Package:

  • Wider 5″ trim
  • Composite wood trim that is resistant to rot
  • Authentic-looking wood grain pattern
  • Available in 13 colors
8' x 12' Elite Quaker Style Wooden Shed

Quaker Shed Sizes

Quaker sheds are designed in a range of sizes, so you can find something as small as 6’ x 6’ or as large 14’ x 32’. Whether you need storage for a few odds and ends or you need to store something larger like garden equipment or recreational vehicles, you’ll find the right-sized shed in our inventory.

  • 6'x6'
  • 6'x8'
  • 8'x8'
  • 8'x10'
  • 8'x12'
  • 8'x14'
  • 8'x16'
  • 10'x10'
  • 10'x12'
  • 10'x14'
  • 10'x16'
  • 10'x18'
  • 10'x20'
  • 10'x22'
  • 10'x24'
  • 12'x12'
  • 12'x14'
  • 12'x16'
  • 12'x18'
  • 12'x20'
  • 12'x22'
  • 12'x24'
  • 12'x26'
  • 12'x28'
  • 12'x30'
  • 12'x32'
  • 12'x36'
  • 12'x40'
  • 14'x20'
  • 14'x22'
  • 14'x24'
  • 14'x26'
  • 14'x28'
  • 14'x30'
  • 14'x32'

Quaker Shed Gallery

Our Quaker shed image gallery offers lots of inspiration, whether you’re buying an in-stock shed or designing a custom look.

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