Classic Sheds

A Classic shed design has the look and feel of an authentic, custom-built outbuilding. This style will blend in nicely with the landscaping and architectural details of today’s homes. Classic sheds feature our steepest roofline with a signature overhang and lower walls to accommodate the roof.

Choose a New England Deluxe styling package and add special touches to your Classic shed. These beautiful, deluxe designs feature extra wide trim, unique doors with transom windows, and grill window panes. It’s the true combination of storage and class.

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Standard Features

Each of our Classic sheds is constructed locally in Central Pennsylvania from durable, high-quality wood or vinyl. Browse our inventory of in-stock sheds or work with our design team to to create a built-to-order shed. Our Classic shed designs can be distinguished by the following features:

  • Highest roof line (9/12 pitch)
  • Ample roof overhang
  • Peak roof
  • 72” walls
  • Double entrance doors
  • Windows with shutters or trim
  • Gable vent
10’ x 14’ Classic Vinyl Shed

Classic Shed Sizes

When you’re choosing your Classic shed, deciding on the best size is the first step. It has to be big enough to hold all your stuff without overwhelming your backyard space. Explore our range of Classic shed sizes and find the best match for you:

Great for a small or medium yard
8’ x 12’

Store outdoor power equipment and patio furniture
10' x 14'
10' x 16'

Create a man cave, she shed,
home office or workshop
12’ x 16’
12’ x 20’

Store motorcycles, ATVs, and recreational equipment
12’ x 24’

Classic Shed Specifications

Standard Configuration:

2” x 4” wall construction
5/8” plywood floors
9/12 roof pitch
18” x 27” windows
Double entrance doors
30-year architectural shingles
Choice of siding and trim colors

Popular Upgrades:

Cupola/ weathervane
Flower boxes
Reverse gable with side door
Larger windows
Transom windows in doors

Classic Shed Gallery

Our Classic shed image gallery offers lots of inspiration, whether you’re buying an in-stock shed or designing a custom look.