Vinyl Swing Sets For Sale

Low Maintenance. Lots of Fun.

The best part about a Penn Dutch Structures vinyl swing set is the happiness it brings to your kids. The second best part is how little maintenance and upkeep is needed to keep it safe and fun for years to come.

Our selection of custom vinyl swing sets has everything you and your child could dream of. We offer a variety of vinyl swing sets for sale like our Double Tower Series (a swing set that has two tiers of fun), and the Kastle Tower Series for a simple but fun swing set and slide combination.

O​​ur Amish-built vinyl swing sets come with a near endless number of combinations and accessories like swings, slides, climbers, riders, gliders, and more. Crafted in Central PA and constructed with fun and safety in mind, we have the wide-range of options you’re looking for to fit your home and budget.

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From simple to elaborate, our vinyl swing sets are incredibly low-maintenance and can withstand both weather and play for years to come.

Vinyl Swing Set Options

Green and White
Blue and White
Almond and Green
Almond, Yellow and Red
Wood Grain & Red – Premium
Wood Grain & Green – Premium
Playset tower
Basecamp 22 Tower
Mega Climber Deluxe Tower
Double vinyl playset
Super 59 Tower
Double vinyl playset
Super 59 with Jungle Bar Tower
Double playset tower
Basecamp 55 Tower
Double Tower Playset
Super 48 Tower
Tower playset piece
Basecamp 44 Tower
Tower playset piece
Basecamp 35 Tower
Mega Climber 55 Tower
Climber 35 Tower
5x5 mountain climber
Climber 55 Tower
Basecamp 77 Tower
Almond playhouse siding
Almond Siding
White Siding
Wood Grain Siding
Blue tower shingles
Slider Windows with Screens
Bridge with Rails 6′ 6″, 8′ 9″
Flat step ladder
Flat Step Ladder (w/ access railing and Non-skid Strips)
Wooden playset ramp
12″ Ramp (Also Available with Rails)
Tower Mounting Ladder
Tower Mounting Ladder
Staircase with Railing
Playground bridge with rope
Bridge with Rope
blue tunnel for a swing set
Tower Tunnel
green tunnel in an
“S” Tower Tunnel
Poly Roof – 4’x4′, 5’x5′
Green gable roof
Gable Roof – 4′ x 4′, 5′ x 5′
Pyramid Roof – 4′ x 4′, 5′ x 5′
Green canvas roof
Canvas Roof 3’x5′, 5’x5′
Green and white double gale roof
Double Poly Roof – 4’x9′
green lean to roof with wooden support beams
Lean-To Roof – 4’x4′, 5’x5′
double lean to roof with wooden support beams
Double Lean-To Roof – 4’x4′, 5’x5′
almond colored pergola roof
Pergola Roof – 4’x4′, 5’x5′
almond colored double pergola roof
Double Pergola Roof – 4’x4′, 5’x5′
Hexagon Roof (only available for Basecamp 77 Tower)
Playset rock climbing wall
7′ Rock Wall
Playset rock climbing wall
5′ Rock Wall
Playset rock climbing net
5′ Cargo Net
Warp Wall
Bear paw climber for playground
Bear Paw Climber
Tunnel Express Slide 5′(5′ Deck), 7′(7′ Deck), 9′(9′ Deck)
Sidewinder Slide 5′(5′ Deck), 7′(7′ Deck), 9′(9′ Deck)
Blue avalanche slide for playsets
Avalanche Slide 10′ (5′ Deck), 14′(7′ Deck)
Turbo Twister Slide – 5′ (5′ Deck), 7′ (7′ Deck), 9′ (9′ deck)
10′ Waterfall Slide (5′ Deck)
Green and clear spiral playground slide
Clear Elbow Section (Section only)
Green and clear playground slide
Clear Straight Section (Section only)
Three position climber beam for playsets
4 Position 14′ Climber
single playset beam
4 Position 14′ Single Beam
Vinyl Swing set single beam piece
3 Position Single Beam
swing set arm piece
2 Position 8′ Climber
swing set arm piece
2 Position 8′ Single Beam
Playset climber piece
3 Position 10’6″ Climber
2 Position Cross Beam
2 Position Cross Beam
white and blue arched beam
3 Position Arched Beam 14′ Long
white and gray lookout tower
32 x 36 Lookout
Web Swing
Web Swing
Yellow belt swing for playset
Belt Swing
Trapeze (Chain & Soft Grip Chain Options)
Rubber Infant Swing
Baby swing for playsets
Heavy Duty Baby Swing
Trapeze Buoy Ball Combo
Buoy Ball
Uni Rider
Four Point Swing Adapter
Blue dual rider for playground
Dual Rider
Tire swing with chain rope
Four Rope Tire Swing
Three Rope Tire Swing
Two Rope Tire Swing
Hammock Swing
Surf Swing
Surf Swing
Cyclone Disc
Cyclone Disc
Green Fanny Pad
Green and yellow adaptive swing
Adaptive Swing
QB Challenge
Bubba Swing
Hand Rail
Playset railing piece
Access Railing
Hand Bar
Hand Bar
Lower Deck Railing
Buzzer Beater Hoops
Swing Beam Water Mister
Lemonade Stand with 2 Stools
Picnic Table
ABCs panel
ABC & Sign Language Activity Panel
Tic-Toc clock panel
Clock Activity Panel
Water Slide Adapter
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe
Water Cannon
Fire Truck Activity Panel
Customizable playground panel
Custom Signs
Green bubble panel
Bubble Tunnel
Blue bubble panel
Bubble Panel
Sandbox Cover
Name Plate
Green play clubhouse
Club House
Fire pole
Fire Pole
Ship’s Wheel
Steering Wheel
Blue & Grey binoculars
Kingdom Konnect
Checker Table
Checker Table
Playground castle wall
Castle Wall
Maze 1 Activity Panel
Maze 2 Activity Panel
Police Car Activity Panel
Adventure Jeep Activity Panel
Marble Wheel

Save On Our Vinyl Swing Sets

What vinyl swing set sizes does Penn Dutch Structures offer?

The size options for Penn Dutch vinyl swing sets will depend on the type of swing set you are purchasing. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles including multiple swings, slides, and attached playhouses. You can explore each vinyl swing set style and features to discover which sizes are available. 

How much space do you need for a vinyl swing set?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should leave about 6 feet of clear space around all sides of your swing set.

How wide should my vinyl wing set be?

The standard A-frame swing set is about 12 feet wide. However, this can change depending on certain features and styles.

Does Penn Dutch Structures anchor my vinyl swing set for me?

Yes, Penn Dutch Structures will provide you with anchors for your swing beams.

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