Outdoor Essentials

Outdoor Essentials produces beautiful, virtually maintenance-free products so you can relax every time you and your guests spend time outdoors. No staining or painting is required to enjoy the wood-grain texture of this outdoor furniture that resists splitting, cracking, mold, mildew, and rot. Outdoor Essentials furniture is made from recycled milk jugs and comes with a 20-year limited warranty, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

Outdoor Essentials Adirondack Chairs

The Adirondack Chair Collection is where classic elegance meets unmatched comfort, offering deep seats, contoured backs, and timeless designs in a variety of colors and finishes to elevate your outdoor space.

Outdoor Essentials Fanback Collection

Experience luxurious comfort with our stylish Fanback Chair Collection, meticulously crafted for a harmonious blend of elegance and ergonomic support in a variety of finishes and colors, enhancing any outdoor space.

Outdoor Essentials Dining Chairs

Explore our versatile Dining Chair Collection, offering various heights and styles, from arm chairs for added comfort to sleek side chairs and swivel options, all impeccably crafted to elevate your dining experience. Pick from three different back styles for any of the dining chairs below.

Outdoor Essentials Dining Tables

Elevate your dining experience with our stylish and functional Dining Table Collection, offering a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes for timeless charm in your space.

Outdoor Essentials Chaise Lounge Chairs

Introducing our Chaise Lounge Chair Collection: where relaxation meets refined luxury. Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort with these meticulously designed lounge chairs. Crafted with attention to detail and available in various styles, our chaise lounges offer the
perfect space to unwind, whether by the poolside or on the patio.

Outdoor Essentials Front Porch Rockers

Experience timeless charm and relaxation with our Front Porch Rocker Collection, crafted with care for ultimate comfort, offering a variety of colors to match your porch decor and embrace the soothing rhythm of life.

Outdoor Essentials Plant Stands

Bring the outdoors a little closer to home with our plant stands! Each one is durable enough to withstand the elements and elegant enough to show off your green thumb.

Features & Options

Tudor Brown
Milwaukee Brown
light brown color swatch
Weathered Wood
dark navy blue color swatch
Patriot Blue
Turf Green
light brown color swatch
Dark Gray
Light Gray
black color swatch
bright white color swatch
Bright White
red color swatch
dark red color swatch
Cardinal Red
bright orange color swatch
Bright Orange
pale orange color swatch
yellow color swatch
Lemon Yellow
Aruba Blue
lime green color swatch
Tropical Lime Green
purple color swatch
Bright Purple
pink color swatch
Coastal Gray
Driftwood Gray
birchwood wood grain swatch
teak wood grain swatch
Natural Teak
mahogany wood grain swatch
Antique Mahogany
Brazilian Walnut
walnut brown wood grain swatch

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