Your “To Do” List to Prepare Your Site for Shed Delivery

After you choose the perfect shed your next step is to prepare your site for shed delivery. This entails a bit more than setting up a few cones to mark the proper placement. There is additional work necessary to prepare a proper shed base and ensure smooth delivery and installation. Read more about your responsibility to prepare your property for your new shed or structure.

Prepare Your Shed Base

You want your shed or outdoor structure to look its best for years to come and that starts with installing a quality shed base.

Although some homeowners may use a concrete or pea gravel base, we recommend using a layer of crushed stone as your base. Crushed stone is sturdier and more stable than pea gravel, which means your shed won’t shift on its foundation as much over time (some settling is expected).

Additionally, unlike concrete, crushed stone allows for drainage and prevents moisture from building up underneath your shed. As rain falls from the edge of your structure’s roof, it deflects off the ground and splashes onto the sidewalls of the shed. Over the years, this will cause the doors and lower siding to mold and rot. When you prepare a base using stone, water is absorbed into the ground instead of splashing against your building.

Prepare a shed base using a layer of stone that is 4″- 8″ deep and covers an area at least 1′ larger than your building in all directions. A 10’ x 14’ shed would need a 12’ x 16’ stone base. Preparing a shed base does take some work, so determine if you have the time and skill to do it yourself or if it’s better to hire a professional.

Access to Your Shed Site

Your outdoor structure — up to a certain size — will be delivered fully-assembled on a full-sized pickup truck and wide-bed trailer. So, beyond preparing the ground site for your storage shed, there may be other areas of your property that need to be prepped to ensure a smooth delivery.

Before your delivery day, assess your property to determine if there are any obstacles in your front yard or side yard that would encumber the delivery and installation processes. Penn Dutch is also available to do site checks prior to delivery.

Access to the final installation site must be clear of:

  • Narrow walkways or stairs
  • Fences
  • Shrubs or elaborate landscaping
  • Low-hanging tree branches
  • Power lines
  • Additional structures such as carports, arbors, swing sets, etc.

Think Bigger

When preparing your property for delivery, be aware of the size of the structure, but also remember to account for the size of the delivery trailer.

Penn dutch structures delivery truck and shed

If your structure is wider than 8’, it will be wider than the delivery trailer and you will need to account for additional overhang. Also note that if access to your final assembly site requires many turns and maneuvers, we may need additional clearance. Talk to your salesperson about the exact space needed for a trailer to fit onto your property.

Do Structures Arrive Already Assembled?

Sheds and other structures up to 14′ by 44′ are delivered already assembled. Sheds that are too high to transport will require partial assembly at the final site. Additionally, if there is not adequate access to deliver an assembled structure to the desired location, your structure may need to be assembled on-site at an additional cost.

Do you have other questions about preparing a shed base or planning your property for delivery? Contact our sales professionals with your questions.