Easily Transition Your Patio From Summer To Fall

As the leaves change color and crisp air arrives, there’s no better place to catch the Fall season than from your patio, after you’ve cleaned up your lawn furniture from the Summer. It’s important to transition your patio from Summer to Fall since you’ll be using it differently now that the days are cooler and daylight is shorter. That’s why we’ve put together some Fall patio ideas for you below, so you can make the most of your outdoor space.

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Tip 1) Add Fall Planters

Tip 2) Set up An Outdoor Heater or Fire Pit

Tip 3) String Up Lights & Use Lanterns

Tip 4) Decorate With Outdoor Pillows & Throw Blankets

1. Add Fall Planters

Perhaps one of the best ideas for Fall patio decor is to add a beautiful array of Autumn flora. While you might think flowers are just for Spring and Summer, there are a handful of options to choose from for Fall too.

Fall plants that can withstand the cooler temperatures include:

  • Chrysanthemum (mums)
  • Flowering Kale
  • Dianthus
  • Aster
  • Osteospermum (African Daisy)
  • Pansy
  • Petunia
  • Dusty Miller
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Purple Fountain Grass
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Sedum

You can also add fun fillers to your planters to make them pop, like different sizes and colors of pumpkins. Or if you like a natural, rustic look, keep an eye out for sticks and different sized pine cones you can use to create height and visual interest. Your local craft store also has plenty of fun, Fall-themed artificial fillers from signs to decorative sticks, so it’s worth checking their selection out as well.

A beautiful Fall arrangement of bright yellow mums with orange and white pumpkins and squash placed throughout.

Once you have all your supplies, including a planter container that fits your style, putting together the materials is easy. Just keep in mind that a good arrangement has 3 components:

  1. Thrillers (these are vertical plants that stand tall)
  2. Fillers (these are the horizontal plants that fill the pot)
  3. Spillers (these are plants that spill over the edges)

Once you’re happy with the end result, don’t forget to also care for your Fall planter throughout the season. Check it weekly to deadhead spent flowers or cut back diseased plants.

2. Set Up An Outdoor Heater or Fire Pit

Another great way to transition your patio from Summer to Fall is to beat the chill. One practical way to beat the weather is to purchase an outdoor patio heater. You can get one that operates on gas, propane, or electric depending on your preference. The key is to learn about the styles of patio heaters and then choose a type that fits your patio set up the best.

However, if you want a source of heat that also brings people together in a fun way, an outdoor fire pit is the way to go. Before you consider adding a fire, make sure that your patio doesn’t have an overhang or low-hanging branches, otherwise, it can become a potential fire hazard.

There are lots of different types of fire pits to choose from, but once you find a type you’re comfortable with, you can set up furniture around it and get ready to enjoy sitting around your new fire pit making memories together.

3. String Up Lights & Use Lanterns

There are a lot of ways to upgrade your backyard space and impress visitors, but if you haven’t installed special lighting yet, it should be at the top of your list. You may already have an outdoor light or some landscaping lights out in your garden. However, the best Fall patio ideas incorporate mood lighting as well, since it can help create that special atmosphere in your space. Plus, it allows you to continue using your patio during those Fall evenings when the sun sets earlier each day.

One easy way to add lighting is to place different sizes of lanterns around your patio. And a quick online search will show you that your style options are endless – modern, chic, rustic, or traditional. You can find a variety of outdoor lanterns to suit every style. And if you want something safer than one that uses a candle, you can find lanterns that are solar-powered, battery-operated, or even electric.

In addition to lanterns, a string of outdoor lights can also breathe fresh life into your Fall patio space. There are plenty of great outdoor string light options, you just need to choose what matches your patio space the best.

Make sure you factor in considerations like how many outlets you have and their location, any trees or shrubs around your patio, and other structures you can use to hang the lights. If you have an outdoor structure like a pergola, you’ve already got a great place to install them.

String lights lit during a brisk fall evening sunset.

Some other ways to hang your lights include installing posts into the ground or the planters. No matter how you put them up, make sure they cast light evenly around your patio and provide a soft, warm light to brighten your Fall patio. 

4. Decorate With Outdoor Pillows & Throw Blankets

The final touch to transition your patio from Summer to Fall is to add in some decorative accents to fit the season. A warm blanket is a perfect accent, as it can be decorative and useful at the same time. Huddling under a warm blanket will turn a crisp Fall evening into a relaxing retreat from the day.

When you go to purchase throw blankets for your outdoor space, make sure to find ones made of waterproof fabric, as they will stay drier than those labeled as water-resistant. You can find a lot of great options online, but our favorite is this soft L.L. Bean waterproof blanket that comes in a cute plaid pattern perfect for Fall.

Also keep an eye out at your local home goods store for any cute, decorative Fall pillows you can add to your chairs. A cute print can complement your Fall planters nicely and also bring out the autumnal colors around your patio.

If your patio needs a complete redesign, check out our guide on how to decorate a patio for year-round enjoyment.

A colorful "hello fall" pillow sits on a black outdoor chair with a green cushion.

If you still feel like your patio space is missing that final touch, consider if you need to include more cozy furniture around your space. More seating means you can host more of your family and friends and new seating means everyone will be comfortable, too.

Want to completely revamp your patio?

Consider adding some new lawn furniture. Get inspired by browsing our selection of beautiful and low-maintenance lawn furniture.

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