Wood or Vinyl Sheds

Wood or Vinyl: Which Is Right For You?

When shopping for an outdoor structure for your backyard, whether it’s a shed, swing set, or pergola, you’ll encounter styles constructed of wood or vinyl. These are two of the most popular outdoor construction materials. Both are quality materials that are durable and will last for years. When choosing wood or vinyl for your backyard structure, consider the following.

Choosing Wood

Wood is an in-demand material that many homeowners prefer for sheds, swing sets, or pavilions because it offers a natural aesthetic that can blend in seamlessly with your backyard. At the same, there are more finish options available that can make your wood structure truly stand out.

The most favored wood species used include Southern Yellow Pine and Western Red Cedar.

Southern Yellow Pine – Southern Yellow Pine is one of the strongest softwood species, making it a preferred choice for construction and outdoor structures.  When it’s left in its natural state, the wood grain pattern and golden color result in a high-quality look. However, the wood texture also cleanly accepts paint and stain for a perfect finish.

Western Red Cedar – Western Red Cedar is commonly used in outdoor construction, including siding and decking.  This is a lighter commercial softwood with a very low shrinkage factor. It also has superior resistance to warping and twisting and is rated as highly resistant to decay and insects.

Finish Options for Wood Structures

Wooden structures offer the most options when selecting a finish.  While wood can be used in its natural state, you can also choose a paint or stain finish. Most manufacturers offer a variety of paint and stain color options, but they can also color match any color sample you provide, ensuring consistency with your home.

Maintaining Your Wood Structure

The only real disadvantage to wood structures is that they require more regular maintenance when compared to other building materials. When exposed to the elements, wood has a greater chance of warping, splitting, or degrading. With a wooden playset or gazebo, you will need to complete regular upkeep to avoid a dull or run-down appearance. For best results, you should power wash your structure each year and repaint or re-stain it yearly or every other year.

Choosing Vinyl

If you’re considering vinyl construction for a shed or pavilion,  you’ll enjoy the benefits of a highly-durable product that requires less maintenance.  In addition to their strength, vinyl materials are also resistant to moisture and insects. Plus, vinyl stands up well to extreme weather conditions with minimal risk of splintering, twisting, or warping over time.

Finish Options for Vinyl Structures

When choosing a color for your vinyl structure, the options are more limited.  While manufacturers offer a variety of vinyl colors to pick from, there is less opportunity to color match your vinyl materials to a specific color.

Maintaining Your Vinyl Structure

With vinyl, you avoid the need for annual staining, painting, or sealing. Outside of an annual cleaning, there is very little maintenance necessary for a vinyl structure. Less time spent on maintenance means more time to enjoy your backyard.

Do you still need help deciding between wood or vinyl? View our selection of sheds, swing sets, pergolas, and gazebos to find the right material, style, and options for you.