A-Frame Sheds

A-frame sheds, constructed locally in Central Pennsylvania, fit in seamlessly with today’s suburban landscapes and offer ample storage at a value that’s hard to beat. Our A-frame sheds require very little maintenance and will last for years. Each one is durable and soundly constructed using top-grade wood or vinyl materials. You can shop our inventory of in-stock A-Frame shed or work with our design team to create a build-to-order shed to your exact specifications. As you shoop our shed inventory, A-frame sheds are recognized by the following features:

Standard Features

  • Peak-style roof
  • Lower pitched roof (5/12 pitch)
  • 78” walls
  • Clean lines
  • Double entrance doors
  • Windows with shutters or trim
  • Great value in storage
10’ x 16’ A-Frame – Wood

Shed Sizes

A-Frame Shed Sizes:

8' x 10' — Perfect for smaller yards   10' x 14"   10' x 16' — Great for a potting shed   12' x 16'   12' x 20' — Lots of space for a workshop

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